Ice Wolf


If you’re looking for a slot machine game that’s set in the cold, unforgiving arctic landscape, you’ve probably already played Ice Wolf. This slot game features an icy blue body with dark blue markings. Males have blue fur and a dark blue belly while females have blue-grey tongues. These creatures prefer to live in mountains where they can hunt the snow-covered animals. Moreover, their icy nature allows them to survive in the icy elements.

The gameplay of Ice Wolf is very simple, but it’s very entertaining. The slot’s high-quality graphics and sound effects will make players want to keep on playing. The game has a theoretical RTP of 96.1%, with variance of eight out of ten. In addition, its top wins are usually in the range of 250x to 500x the stake. This isn’t bad for a slot that offers 7 rows per reel.

The paytable of Ice Wolf is quite good. This slot is a 6 reel, three-row machine with 729 ways to win. As ice breaks above the reels, the payouts will increase. During the free spins round, players can win as much as 2,500 times their stake. And the re-spin feature is very generous, with many opportunities to hit the jackpot. In addition to the icy graphics and features, it is mobile-friendly.

This slot features a high volatility. On average, you’ll receive 96.1% of your bet when playing this game. The highest win is a whopping 500x your stake. And you can even win up to 2,500x your stake if you’re lucky! With the bonus features and the ice wolf as a helper, Ice Wolf is definitely worth a try. It’s an excellent choice for slot lovers!

Aside from winning large amounts of money in free spins, this game also has a medium volatility. The RTP is 96.1% and the variance is eight out of 10. The top wins are between 250x to 500x. However, winning 1,000x your stake is considered a miracle. With its multiple paylines and multipliers, Ice Wolf is a great slot machine that’s available at the top-rated Casinos.

Another highlight of this slot machine is its high volatility. This game’s volatility is relatively low, with an average return of 96.1%. Besides, the bonus features of Ice Wolf are also very appealing. The bonus rounds are designed to increase the chances of getting the jackpot. If you’re a lucky player, Ice Wolf is a fantastic game to play. Just make sure to take advantage of the extra credits it has to offer.

As the name suggests, this slot machine is dedicated to the frozen wilderness. This is an animal-friendly game where you can win big in the wild. The game is easy to play, and the bonus round is very lucrative. The bonus game has a multiplier for every spin. For example, if you get the lucky combination of 3 wild symbols in a row, you will get a multiplier equal to five times your bet.

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